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GR on the Road: DE, WA, NO, CA, OR, and more!

Your Government Relations Director Laura Embleton has been on the road since the beginning of 2019! She started off the year with a 10-day nationwide trip, starting in Delaware to discuss the proposed public health rules with the drafter of the rules.

Your Massage Session: Vocalize Your Needs

When a massage therapist’s hands touch the skin, the effect reaches down to the muscles and ligaments, and then positively influences the circulatory, lymphatic, and nervous systems. Healing touch, a sensitive style of communication, speaks safety and comfort.

Employer Spotlight with Massage Envy (Q&A)

What makes Massage Envy a great place for therapists to work? Read this blog to find out the benefits of working with this leading national massage franchise brand. 

ABMP Five-Minute Muscles

ABMP Five-Minute Muscles is an exciting new members-only resource that lets massage therapists and bodyworkers quickly and easily refresh your muscle knowledge wherever and whenever with just a few clicks.

Is Sports Massage Right For You?

Are you a weekend warrior, self-proclaimed athlete, or someone who just generally likes to push themselves a little too hard at the gym? Sports massage might be just what the body ordered.