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Education Spotlight: Coaching the Body

The Coaching the Body (CTB) Institute offers a new free web class for ABMP members. To find out how the CTB Institute can help ABMP members treat chronic pain conditions, we spoke to its founder, Chuck Duff.

Education Spotlight: Color Up Therapeutics

Color Up Therapeutics offers a new Cannabis Master Program for massage therapists and bodyworkers. We spoke to the company's founders to see how the company got its start and what sets its products and training courses apart from other providers. 

Animal Massage During the Coronavirus Pandemic

One segment of the massage therapy field was uniquely impacted by the global pandemic, and in some aspects this segment may have even gotten an unforeseen boost from our altered reality. That segment is the lesser known but ever-growing market for animal massage.

Product Spotlight: SoapNotesPRO

We spoke with Masoud Zhian, CEO & Co-founder of SoapNotesPRO, to see what makes the SoapNotesPRO app a valuable resource for massage therapists and bodyworkers.

Unraveling the Mystery of Frozen Shoulder Pain

Frozen shoulder is a common complaint for clients seeking massage. The Coaching the Body Institute introduces a new way of thinking about and dealing with this condition. 

Massage School Student Clinics and COVID-19

ABMP connected with epidemiologist Tessa Crume, an associate professor in the Epidemiology Department at the Colorado School of Health at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, to get her expert advice on this question: Should I open my school’s student clinic or only allow students to work on each other?

Risky Business: From Daily Practice to COVID-19

As massage therapists, we never want to come from a place of fear, but a little healthy fear can really help us when it comes to considering risk. MTs are thinking a lot about risk these days. Risk of working or not, and, of course, the risks within a range of client presentations.