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Black Lives Matter

Events in recent weeks remind us how far we have to go toward equity. The senseless killing of George Floyd, one of the latest in a recent, and historical, series of acts of violence perpetrated against Black men and women, sickens and saddens us.

The Face Cradle Hammock

Massage therapist demonstrating how to make a "face cradle hammock" for massage

We know that lying prone on the massage table with a face mask on may not be the most comfortable of client experiences. In ABMP’s Back to Practice Guide released in April, we suggested creating a “face cradle hammock” for those clients who could not wear a mask while prone.

Safely Ventilating Your Work Space

A tranquil spa room with massage table, buddha statue, plant, and candle

ABMP connected with epidemiologist Tessa Crume, an associate professor in the Epidemiology Department at the Colorado School of Health at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus to get her expert advice on this member’s question: My treatment room doesn’t have windows. What’s the best way to keep my space safely ventilated?

Embracing Change, Leading with Love

Overhead vew of chalk art in the shape of a heart

At the beginning of every year, I think about a theme, focus, or intention I want to work on for my personal, professional, or spiritual development.

Questions for Clients Who Have Had COVID-19

A medical face mask on a calender with the words "Quarantine over?" written on the calendar

Someday—maybe soon (whatever that means, in this time-distorted world)—we are all going to have to figure out the dos and don’ts of working with people who have had COVID-19.

Making Masks and Gloves Work

A woman wearing a blue surgical mask

Outside of a hospital, oncology, or hospice setting, most massage therapists and bodyworkers have never had to wear face masks in their practice. And it’s on the rare occasion that an MT needs to give a massage with gloves on. But what once was a rarity will be the norm going forward until we find solutions to combat COVID-19.