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ABMP Five-Minute Muscles

ABMP Five-Minute Muscles is an exciting new members-only resource that lets massage therapists and bodyworkers quickly and easily refresh your muscle knowledge wherever and whenever with just a few clicks.

Is Sports Massage Right For You?

Are you a weekend warrior, self-proclaimed athlete, or someone who just generally likes to push themselves a little too hard at the gym? Sports massage might be just what the body ordered.

Printable Foot Reflexology Massage Tips from ABMP

Reflexology gives therapists the tools they need to take foot massage to a whole new place. In this reflexology download, Marc Zollicoffer shares a brief overview of reflexology techniques and favorite reflex points to address with clients during a massage.

ABMP on the Road! From Germany to California

The Fascia Research Society shared the exciting news that Robert Schleip, PhD—one of the world’s leading experts in fascial research—is coming to the United States next month to teach.