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Massage & Bodywork Articles: Don’t Miss These Essential Reads

Massage & Bodywork magazine covers

As life begins to take on phases of normalcy, it’s also picking up speed—plans to make, things to do, people to see. When you do have a few minutes to slow down, there are some really good reads from the last few issues of Massage & Bodywork that we don’t want you to miss.

Every Body Needs You

African American massage therapist using his elbow to massage a client

When you’re ready to return to your passion, a Massage Envy franchised location is ready for you, with brand standards around comprehensive sanitizing and disinfecting, and enhanced safety measures and training.

What the CDC’s New Mask Recommendations Mean for Massage Therapists

Young man raising a surgical mask to his face

Last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued some new guidance about mask usage among vaccinated people. In short, they said take ’em off—inside and outside, 6 feet apart and closer. But you may be wondering, what does this mean about masks in my session room?

How To Get Your Massage Practice Found On Google

Google icon on a smartphone

Now more than ever, it is critical to ensure your massage practice is being found on Google. The world has shifted online, and it’s important your business is able to be found! With 46% of all Google searches being for local businesses, consumers are looking to spend their money locally.

Achieve Maximum Client Results through Structural Elements Training

Doug Bertram, founder and CEO of Structural Elements

At the very core of the Structural Elements (se) philosophy is the 15-minute, full-body, Comprehensive Manual Therapy session (CMT), which can be performed by massage therapists, physical therapists, acupuncturists, athletic trainers, or any other bodywork practitioners to aid in patient recovery. Read more in this Q&A from founder Doug Bertram.

CBD Massage Oil for Pain Relief from CBD Clinic

CBD massage oils from CBD Clinic

CBD Clinic's new massage therapy series of CBD oils can help therapists personalize their treatments, plus offer their clients oils, creams, and ointments for at-home self-care. Read about what makes CBD Clinic different than other suppliers.

Massage Schools Stay Resilient During COVID-19 Pandemic

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ABMP conducts a census of all state-approved massage programs every two years, and recently completed its analysis of 2020 massage program results and trends. Read this blog to see how 2020 compared to previous years.