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Ep 78 – Video 101: Intimidation-Free Tips for Practice Promotion with The Massage Nerd Ryan Hoyme

Video can be key to promoting and growing your practice. Yes, it may be intimidating, but learning a few skills can introduce potential clients to yourself and existing clients to the full gamut of your techniques and modalities. Bring your website and social content to life and beyond the written word. Ryan Hoyme, the Massage Nerd, tells you which platforms to use and lets you in on equipment choices.

Ep 77 – Femoral Popliteal Bypass: “I Have a Client Who . . .” Pathology Conversations with Ruth Werner

A client with a serious circulatory problem—a failed femoral-popliteal bypass, or “fem-pop” surgery—wants a massage while he’s waiting for his next procedure. There’s no data on massage and failed fem-pops at all. What can this massage therapist do? In this episode, we look at fem-pop surgeries and the reasons why a person might need it. Then, we take apart some of the variables that go into making decisions about massage therapy for this client. It’s a critical-thinking exercise with immediate repercussions for this client and his health and comfort.

Ep 76 – Learning by Being a Client with Cindy Williams

Being a client makes you a better therapist. Besides the obvious self-care benefits, it heightens your awareness of good bodywork and the specifics that make or break a session. Listen as Cindy Williams puts on her professional educator hat and details moments from a challenging bodywork session where she was the client and her suggestions for improvement.

Ep 75 – Kidney Donor: “I Have a Client Who …” Pathology Conversations with Ruth Werner

A contributor has an unusual question: how soon can I work with someone who recently donated a kidney? We have lots of information about massage therapy for people on dialysis, and known cautions for transplant recipients, but we don’t know much about how to help living donors. In this episode, we take a look at what it’s like to give up a kidney and what kinds of accommodations for massage that requires.

Ep 74 – Tackling the Tough Stuff: Charting, Billing, Pain Management, Research with Diana Thompson

Doing the hard work has always been in Diana Thompson’s blood. From an early age, philanthropy and health-care inequities fueled her passions. Diana talks with us about the importance of charting and record keeping as critical steps in acting “like health-care providers,” the importance of participation in the client-therapist relationship, and resetting goals with clients to inform their long-term, committed therapeutic wellness path.

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