New CE Course: Touching Trauma: Part 2—Responding to Emotional Releases

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The new ABMP CE course, “Touching Trauma: Part 2—Responding to Emotional Releases,” is available in the ABMP Education Center to view and earn 1 CE hour.

In “Touching Trauma: Part 1—Recognizing Trauma,” we introduced a basic framework for recognizing trauma. In this second course in the series, trauma touch experts Chris Smith and Cathy Speaks Lewis teach practitioners how to recognize the different stages of emotional releases, respond appropriately in the moment, and discuss the experience with the client after the session. Demonstrations include some subtle, yet important techniques to provide a safe experience for the client before, during, and after the massage. Getting comfortable with holding space for emotional releases and potential releases allows the client to do what they likely did not get to do when the trauma occurred—have a compassionate witness by their side.

Instructor Bios

Chris Smith is a recognized leader in the field of massage therapy and trauma. She is a massage therapist and trauma touch therapist. She developed and has been teaching Trauma Touch Therapy at the Colorado School of Healing Arts (CSHA) and to therapists worldwide since 1992. She has been with CSHA since 1988, where she serves as the school director. For more information on Trauma Touch Therapy courses, visit

Cathy Speaks Lewis is a licensed massage therapist and trauma touch therapist. They are dean of students and faculty chair at the Colorado School of Healing Arts (CSHA), where they also teach oncology, cranialsacral, and Trauma Touch Therapy. They also have a massage therapy practice specializing in supporting clients in healing through the processes of pain, trauma, and chronic conditions. For more information on Trauma Touch Therapy courses, visit

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New Massage Board Created in Alabama

On May 15, 2024, Governor Kay Ivey signed into law Senate Bill 137, terminating the Alabama Board of Massage Therapy and its functions to create the new Alabama Massage Therapy Licensing Board. Learn key takeaways from the bill and how its passage may affect you.

Tennessee Regulatory Update

Tennessee massage therapy education requirements increased from 500 hours to 650. ABMP would like to share an update to explain how that change came about and give some overdue credit to those who made it happen.

Alabama Board in Jeopardy of Dissolution

Without your support, the Alabama massage therapy profession is in danger of losing its regulatory board, which could result in inconsistent regulation or none at all. Call Governor Kay Ivey to encourage the passage of Senate Bill 137 to protect massage regulation.



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