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Meet Basu, Sound Healer and Massage Therapist

Before becoming a massage therapist, Basu worked at a gas station and was looking for a change. After seeing people come in and out of his store with debilitating pain, he knew that helping people improve their lives through massage therapy would be extremely satisfying.

Product Spotlight: CBD CLINIC

CBD CLINIC™ was founded in 2014 by Abacus Health Products, a pharmaceutical company that develops naturally derived over-the-counter (OTC) topicals.

Education Spotlight: Sarga Bodywork

Sarga is a form of barefoot massage that has gained popularity in the past few years. We spoke with Sarga's founders to find out what makes this form of bodywork appealing to therapists looking to reinvent their practice.

Massage Techniques and Palpation Guide for the Psoas Major

Image of massage therapist palpating the abdomen of a client, with one hand on top of the other, pressing in toward the psoas muscle

Structurally, the psoas is the deepest muscle in our core. It connects the upper body to the lower body, and is a major player in steadying the spine on the legs. Balance in this muscle is key for optimum function: a tight, short psoas can cause an anterior pelvic tilt, while an overstretched psoas creates a posterior pelvic tilt. The irony is that your clients may present with both.

Service Spotlight: Q&A with MassageBook

What makes MassageBook so effective at running and growing a successful bodywork business? We asked Mark Volkmann, CEO of MassageBook, a few questions to find out.