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ABMP Exam Coach

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Introducing ABMP Exam Coach, the most advanced, easiest-to-use online MBLEx test prep in the profession. Try a free demo and see how much fun it is to study with ABMP Exam Coach.

ABMP Exam Coach

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  • We protect you


    Yes, massage students have been sued! ABMP's comprehensive occurrence form insurance coverage protects you from liability claims related to hands-on work in the classroom, school student clinic, and for all school-sanctioned activities.

    Get more info about liability insurance for students.


  • We help you study effectively


    Access online study aids, graphic organizational forms, and time-management tools, all customized to fit the unique needs of massage and bodywork students.

  • We support your hands-on skill development


    View free online seminars and videos to enhance the hands-on skills you learn in your classroom with information and techniques from the biggest names in the massage profession.

  • We help you pass exams


    Many students struggle with test anxiety but with the right tools and preparation, you can ace exams. ABMP offers ABMP Exam Coach to help you reduce test stress and get the grade.

  • We support your career development


    In business and career classes, instructors may ask you to develop a business portfolio. We have everything you need including a free website and professional email, business cards, resume and cover letter samples, client brochures and forms, graphic art and photos, newsletters, and more.

  • We help you stay connected


    Massage & Bodywork magazine, ABMP's award-winning publication, is a bimonthly print and digital magazine that links you to the greater massage profession. You also receive a student newsletter and can connect with ABMP and other members through ABMP's social media sites and online forums.

  • We save you money


    As a member, you receive valuable discounts on a variety of goods and services, including massage tables and supplies, cell phone service, and much more. When you finish school and upgrade to our Certified, Professional, or Practitioner level, you get a special first-year rate to help you transition into your professional life as a therapist.

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