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Whether you have two hours, two weeks, or two months to devote to the topic, this three-part MBLEx prep course is easily adaptable for instructors to fit into current curriculums based on your school's needs.
This curriculum is a free resource available to ABMP Premier schools. Learn how you can bring these resources to your students today!

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Program Includes:

  • Three-unit course (minimum 6 classroom hours, but adaptable up to 20 hours or more)
  • PowerPoint presentations and accompanying class lecture notes
  • MBLEx Prep Instructor Guide with course outlines, activity instructions, and student handouts
  • MBLEx Prep Student Guide to partner with the course
  • A variety of activities to engage students in deeper learning and critical thinking skills

Course Highlights

  • Offers students program-long enrichment opportunities, as well as test-taking strategies
  • Gives students the tools they'll need to be successful learners
  • Fits into your program at any spot along the way
  • Designed with your existing curriculum in mind
  • Flexibility to tailor the course to meet your school's goals
  • Adaptable for in-person and online class experiences
  • Option for fillable online worksheets
  • Incorporates ABMP Exam Coach and ABMP Five-Minute Muscles into the curriculum


Expose students to the skills, tools, and resources that will set them up for success from the start. Creating study plans, discovering their own hurdles, and mastering study skills are just some of the focal points for students in this unit.


Teach students the strategies they need to ace the test on the first try. From learning the best test-taking approach to handling test anxiety to learning how to be a critical thinker, this unit is the core of the MBLEx prep course.


Guide students through each step of their test application and state credentialing process. Students will do the research to understand their own state requirements, and then apply for the MBLEx in class. Guidance through these final stages is critical for ultimate student success.

This MBLEx Test Prep Curriculum is written exclusively for ABMP Premier and Premier Plus partner schools who use ABMP Exam Coach and ABMP Five-Minute Muscles.

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