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ABMP membership includes 200+ courses with FREE CE, and even more for ABMP Certified and Associate members. Not a member? Join today, or purchase course access.


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ABMP Certified membership is $229 or $20/month for 12 months, giving you payment flexibility for the ABMP membership that gives you more free CE, more discounts, and more value.

ABMP Pocket Pathology

Smartphone with Pocket Pathology app loaded sitting on a desk.

A Members-Only Web App

Building on ABMP Five-Minute Muscles and created in partnership with Ruth Werner, our newest quick-reference app puts key information for nearly 200 common pathologies at your fingertips!

ABMP Membership Benefits

  • Professional Liability Insurance You Can Trust

    Professional Liability Insurance You Can Trust

    ABMP members have individual coverage, so all policy limits are yours and not subject to a master policy limit like AMTA. In an accident you call us first, not an insurance company—we don't leave you to face a difficult situation alone. There's no upcharge for Additional Insured Endorsements, and you can even add optional Business Personal Property insurance to protect your equipment. Simply put, you can trust that you're taken care of with ABMP.

    Understand the "why" behind our coverage from ABMP President Les Sweeney

    Best money spent EVER! I love ABMP! You always have my back!   —Ruby


  • Unlimited FREE CE, No Strings Attached

    Unlimited FREE CE, No Strings Attached

    The ABMP Education Center gives you free CE for 200+ on-demand webinars from top presenters like Ruth Werner, Ben Benjamin, and Erik Dalton, and ABMP Certified members get the most CE in the world with additional access to the World Massage Conference CE Library.

    Sample a free course in the ABMP Education Center

    I joined ABMP for the CE benefit as well as the fantastic magazine … ABMP's benefits are terrific. — Former AMTA president


  • The Best Benefits = The Happiest Members

    The Best Benefits = The Happiest Members  

    We mean it when we say that ABMP goes above and beyond liability insurance. Our award-winning Massage & Bodywork magazine, delivered six times a year, keeps you informed and inspired. Marketing materials like Body Sense magazine help you build your business. And our ExpectMore customer service and dedicated legislative advocacy put you first so that when you need to, you can call in and get help from a real, human person.

    See why ABMP members give us 5 stars on TrustPilot

    You guys are the best!!! I love you so much   — Sara
  • Save Big On Work Expenses and Self-Care Experiences

    Save Big on Work Expenses and Self-Care Experiences

    We know every dollar counts for our members, which is why your ABMP member discounts save you money on massage tables, chairs, and lotions for your practice, shoes and healthy food for your family, and other everyday expenses. Practicing self-care with a vacation, or shopping for car insurance or cell phone service? You'll save there too.

    Explore the full list of 50+ ABMP member discounts! 

    I think I will save enough with your discounts at other retailers to pay for my membership! — Anne


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$229 or $20/month

Everything included in our baseline level, PLUS:

  • Even bigger discounts on massage tables and supplies, and more.
  • Access to the World Massage Conference Vault of 400+ CE courses.
  • Ebooks with free CE on topics like oncology massage.
  • Top listing on the referral service.
  • Unique ABMP Certified member ID materials to display to clients.
  • And more...

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A non-insured option


Provides access to on-demand continuing education courses, but does not include liability insurance. Features all digital benefits, including 50+ partner discounts, digital Massage & Bodywork, and more. A great choice for massage therapists and bodyworkers outside the United States and for individuals in professions related to bodywork.
Associate Membership Benefits

From ABMP Members

  • Term description:
    “I love ABMP! Im very proud to belong to a company with high standards and amazing customer service!”
  • Term description:
    “Thank you for your extensive and in-depth offerings for those who purchase insurance from you. It really shows that you all go above and beyond and do so much on so many levels.”
  • Term description:
    “ABMP provides so much to help me with my business. From the marketing tips to all of the learning tools to keep up with constant ever changing world of massage. It keeps me wanting to do more, learn more, and massage more.”
  • Term description:
    “For about 10 years now, whenever I have a question in regards to business, client, or staff liability I just pick up the phone and get the answers I need from people who respect what I do.”
  • Term description:
    “I love all the great information in the magazine and how it keeps me motivated to do better bodywork.”
  • Term description:
    “Never thought I'd ever need to take advantage of the amazing coverage you have.”
  • Term description:
    “When I call ABMP I get to speak to a live person that actually knows what they’re talking about (that's almost unheard of anymore). I love you guys. You are great to work with.”
  • Term description:
    “Just renewed my ABMP membership—a proud member now for 10 years! These first 10 years have been amazing. Looking forward to the next decade of bodywork! Thanks for your support ABMP!”
  • Term description:
    “Great insurance policy, websites,resources, magazine, webinars, marketing materials, affordable. I can go on and on about the benefits of being an ABMP member.”
  • Term description:
    “ABMP makes me feel like a professional in the massage field, and they provide all that we need to succeed. So much to love about them.”
  • Term description:
    “Your customer service goes the extra mile to take care of us and make sure that we feel important. I have had excellent service and more than once, customer service has helped me understand what I needed, how to get it and all done with courtesy, kindness and a goal for excellence.”
  • Term description:
    “ABMP is amazing! From webinars to marketing and client-building advice, they take care of their therapists so we can take care of everyone else!”
  • Term description:
    “ABMP is like you own professional team. They help keep their therapists up to date with legislation changes, and also with continuing education. They also help you to create your competitive edge. And the discounts aren't too bad either!”
  • Term description:
    “ABMP is the gold standard for respect, education, and supporting bodywork as the true healing art and science that it is!”
  • Term description:
    “I love the instructor resources. This sold me first on ABMP; that is why I switched. I also love the resources you have for building our businesses. Thank you :)”
  • Term description:
    “The entire website is a goldmine. I visit daily. The free website and email has made establishing a new practice so easy!”
  • Term description:
    “I love the way ABMP supports its members and is adding more resources to encourage our growth both personally and as an industry.”
  • Term description:
    “I love the passion of everyone at ABMP! Authentic, helpful and warm people. They go above and beyond.”
  • Term description:
    “The one thing I love about ABMP is that it is a one-stop shop for ALL my professional needs!”
  • Term description:
    “I love the website builder and all the professional tools you have online to help those who may not have had a clue where to start in those areas.”
  • Term description:
    “I love ABMP and respect and admire their contribution to the industry. They have helped give massage credibility so that it now seen as an integral part of professional healthcare.”
  • Term description:
    “I was helping a friend build her website on AMTA … holy moly. ABMP's website builder is light years ahead of AMTA's system and offers so much more for free. THANK YOU!”
  • Term description:
    “I love that I always receive a prompt response from ABMP when I have a question. Every professional organization should practice such service.”
  • Term description:
    “I'm thankful for the staff at ABMP. Not only are the people on the front lines with customers (me!), but they are genuinely helpful and eager to answer my questions that are above and beyond their job description.”
  • Term description:
    “ABMP has the best customer service. I needed a copy of my insurance policy while in Telluride working a bike tour and ABMP emailed the policy to the event organizer on the same day. Saved the day!”
  • Term description:
    “I love how easily accessible everything is and customer service is full of the sweetest people!”
  • Term description:
    “Just wanted to drop a thank you for your latest Body Sense magazine. I received it today and immediately put it out to my contact list. I booked six clients today!”
  • Term description:
    “My favorite thing about ABMP is that they genuinely care about us and everything involved with massage therapy. They keep us up to date on information and provide excellent resources for all.”
  • Term description:
    “I love all of the resources ABMP has for us to use—the magazines, webinars, customer service—pretty much everything! A truly great company!”
    Leigh Ann
  • Term description:
    “ABMP is an incredible resource! From the beginning as a student to an instructor and now a business owner, ABMP has helped me be a better therapist.”
  • Term description:
    “ABMP makes it so easy—insurance, education, marketing, and opportunity—why would you want anything less?”
    Mary Ann
  • Term description:
    “ABMP is the best you can get! Love how helpful the whole magazine is! And the people that work in the office are the most friendliest people.”
  • Term description:
    “ABMP has helped me by giving me a foundation to build a confident successful career in massage therapy. I am very thankful for their services.”
  • Term description:
    “I love ABMP for the wealth of help and information that's so really available. They truly show how much they want you to succeed. The personal touch they give to everything, even renewal reminders.”
  • Term description:
    “With ABMP, a passionate MT can experience true career growth, no matter which modality/specialty you choose.”
  • Term description:
    “Love the service! ABMP is so helpful for pretty much everything. And don't get me started on the website builder!!! Awesome-sauce!!!”
  • Term description:
    “Webinars, outstanding customer service and support and sweet perks. Did I mention you look great? Been working out?”
  • Term description:
    “I love ABMP for the vast amount of resources provided and how comfortable they made me feel as a new massage therapist. They are definitely helping me grow in my career”
    Rachel Marie
  • Term description:
    “You people at ABMP never cease to amaze me. Who goes out of their way to help people the way you guys do these days (besides me of course). I thank you so much.”
  • Term description:
    “ABMP shows me they strive to promote the prosperity of the field, and ongoing education and discussion about massage therapy being an acceptable and successful form of treatment amongst the medical community.”
  • Term description:
    “Thank you ABMP for guiding me toward becoming the professional practitioner I am capable of becoming.”
  • Term description:
    “ABMP is an incredible organization that offers so much to help its members from the fresh new grad to the seasoned therapist. I truly love ABMP and am very proud to be a member.”
  • Term description:
    “The webinars are wonderful! I'm not sure what I would do without ABMP (and I'm not just saying that).”
  • Term description:
    “Wow, where can you go to get a simple, user-friendly website that is basically FREE! (Actually, I think the fees pay for the website and the insurance is free … just saying!) I have been with ABMP since 2007 and love it.”
  • Term description:
    “It's easy to say GREAT things about ABMP! The free website was great when I first started out, the marketing materials are very informative and nice to have in the office. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the magazine!”
  • Term description:
    “I appreciate ABMP's insurance coverage; it's easy to understand, easy to renew, has perks, and accommodates/respects energyworkers!”
  • Term description:
    “I love how ABMP covers my gluteus maximus and keeps me in the know!”
  • Term description:
    “ABMP is awesome, very resourceful, and the webinars are very informative. I made the right choice when I chose ABMP to protect me as a Massage Therapist.”
  • Term description:
    “I love how the magazine not only keeps me up to date with techniques but helps me think like a business owner and prepare for success.”
  • Term description:
    “ABMP is an incredible resource in all that it provides, and guides you from the onset of your career to the evolution.”
  • Term description:
    “I have been and remain a member of many professional organizations, including ABMP. It has been my experience that by far ABMP is the BEST of the bunch (and I work for some of the others). The quality of the material, the benefits, the cost, and the AMAZING STAFF have always set ABMP apart. I just wanted to let everyone there know that your work is greatly appreciated.”
  • Term description:
    “ABMP has the BEST customer service, hands down! Even when I was only a prospective massage student, they went above and beyond answering my questions about schools and helping me find ones that were near me.”
  • Term description:
    “ABMP is much more than an insurance company to me. They have been the life blood for some of my marketing ideas—brochures, newsletters, etc.”
  • Term description:
    “ABMP webinars have been the most helpful tool since I've become a massage therapist. The other group I was with is not as involved with the success of their members, even though they try to look that way. Thanks for being the real deal.”
  • Term description:
    “ABMP has made running my business so much easier! Can't imagine how I would have succeeded without them!”
  • Term description:
    “I have used other website services and am very glad I decided to take advantage of ABMP's free website. For me, it was easier to understand and work with than the others, and my website looks just as good (or better) than the other websites and functions really well.”
  • Term description:
    “Best money spent EVER! I love ABMP! You offer so many wonderful benefits and always have my back!”
  • Term description:
    “I love ABMP for all that it has to offer aside from insurance coverage. They are a source of inspiration, education, creativity, and motivation. I can't see myself as an LMT without them!”
  • Term description:
    “The free website that comes with the membership is awesome. I love that it's easy to customize and my clients love that it's user friendly.”
  • Term description:
    “ABMP puts the EASE in easy! From marketing to continuing education I have it all! I am grateful!! Thank you ABMP for all you do!!”

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