ABMP School Forum for Massage and Bodywork Educators

Thank You to Our 2022 ABMP School Forum Attendees!

It was so inspiring to join our school community and the many amazing sponsors who participated in the 2022 ABMP School Forum!

We encourage you all to continue sharing the word that all instructors have free access to Cornerstones: The ABMP Instructor Development Program through April 2023.

Stay tuned for more details about the 2023 ABMP School Forum. In the meantime, here are some of the things that this year's attendees had to share:

"It's a must to attend an ABMP School Forum and see what others are doing, not doing, why, and most importantly to know that you are not alone. It's great to have support and more knowledge in the field we have chosen." —Lisa, Keplinger Institute & Ivy Tech Community College

"The ABMP School Forum was a game-changer type of conference. Meeting the people that are behind ABMP's educational team and others was amazing and really made me feel as if someone is out there who cares and wants to help our schools be the best!" —Renee, Chattanooga State Community College

"At our school, we live by the motto 'Collaboration, Not Competition'. This forum is the perfect epitome of this in action. Not only did we learn from presenters, we learned from each other. You could almost feel the growth that was happening in the room." —Michelle, ASIS Massage Education

"Attending the School Forum was an informative and inspiring experience. It was great to network with other professionals who passionate about the world of massage therapy. The speakers were very educated and provided a lot of valuable information for the attendees." —Selene, American Institute

"The 2022 ABMP School Forum was just what my massage soul needed. It was welcoming, informative, open to various viewpoints, extremely supportive, and fun. I made so many connections I did not expect to make. It was a heartfelt event that also gave me knowledge and tools to develop to become more proficient and do my job better. Lastly, spending time with ABMP reminded me of what a professional and well-run organization I'm affiliated with. I could not be more proud or have more confidence in my choice to be a member." —Michelle, Lincoln Tech-Moorestown

"This forum changed the way we will operate in the future. I was not inspired by the topic names when I signed up but mostly wanted to network with other schools. I was completely surprised by how enlightening the topics actually were. The presenters did an excellent job and the information was applicable. It was well worth the time and expense of attending. I look forward to the next one." —Amy, Kentucky School of Massage

"This year's ABMP School Forum has really changed my life! I was able to feel less isolated, more connected, and part of the bigger picture, and was also able to meet some wonderful support people who made us all feel as if we were vitally important and part of the bigger picture of massage therapy in the United States!" —Jeremy, Healing Mountain Massage School

Thank You to Our Sponsors!

You can see all of our amazing sponsors, enter exclusive giveaways, and watch educational videos and connect with their offerings at www.abmp.com/abmp-school-forum-sponsors.


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Oregon Proposes External Pelvic Floor Massage Rules

The Oregon State Board of Massage Therapists proposed new massage therapy rules that would allow licensees to perform external pelvic floor massage. Submit your comments in support of, or opposition to, the rules before October 31, 2022.

Maryland Implicit Bias Training Resources

Maryland massage therapists must complete implicit bias training by October 31, 2022, to fulfill their continuing education requirements. View a list of approved training resources.


Keeping Massage Fresh for Longtime Clients

As much as we want massage therapy to be a routine, we also want it to be an intentional choice every visit because of the client’s love of the service and our care to always meet the client’s (changing) needs.

Blood, Lymph Get Pumped Thanks to Massage

Massage therapy has become a wildly expansive net that has caught, and continues to catch, a slew of methods of bodywork. You can be an authority in all sorts of approaches, spanning from myofascial release to trigger point therapy to cupping to manual lymphatic drainage. And that’s a good thing! 


2022 ABMP CE Summit Course—MLD: Basic Techniques for the Neck and Face

Gain an understanding of manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) movements and the location of important lymphatic structures as you watch Nicola McGill’s dynamic demonstration of three MLD techniques and MLD sequences for the neck and face. Learn about this important modality that, when provided effectively, can support and enhance the movement of lymph fluid through the lymphatic vessels and eventually back to the cardiovascular system.

2022 ABMP CE Summit Course—Introduction to Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a gentle, rhythmic form of bodywork that enhances and supports the movement of fluid through the lymphatic system to support health and well-being. Developed by Danish therapists Emil and Estrid Vodder in the 1930s, MLD is now practiced extensively by health and wellness practitioners and is used within the medical community to treat lymphedema and post-surgical and post-traumatic edema. Join Nicola McGill in this engaging course to learn the benefits, indications, and mechanics of this gentle, effective modality.

2022 ABMP CE Summit Course—Lymphatic System: An Essential Guide to an Underrated System

Join us for a fascinating look at the underrated lymphatic system, with special emphasis on its structures and functions. Learn the vital role each of the system’s components plays, including lymphangions, nodes, trunks, ducts, and the glorious cisterna chyli. We’ll also look at various lymphatic-related pathologies, including lymphangitis, lymphoma, cardiovascular and traumatic edema, and lymphedema.

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