ABMP + Employers = Big Savings!

With the ABMP Affinity Partners Program, employers and individual locations with more than 5 ABMP members save money on membership, and get exclusive benefits!

  • Your FREE business account gives you exclusive employer tools, like our ABMP job listings, roster manager, and valuable members-only discounts.
  • Your employees save on each individual membership, which includes free CE hours, exceptional liability insurance, and more.
  • Members from our sister associations for skin care, hair, and nails count to your 5 employee minimum, and save on membership too!

Why Become an ABMP Affinity Partner?

You’ll run a better business with a free ABMP business account, giving you employer benefits like your online employee roster, invites to webinars with free CE, ABMP client-education materials, and more!

Your employees get a discount on membership. They’ll save big and get member benefits that protect them from lawsuits, build their hands-on techniques, boost soft skills like communication and sales, and save them money.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your employees have their own individual insurance policies, protecting them if they are personally named in a lawsuit and potentially saving you some money on your business policy.

You’ll save money with access to 50+ exclusive ABMP discounts!

You can get started by filling out this form, emailing employers@abmp.com, or calling 800-458-2267.

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Affinity Partner Pricing



If 5 or more employees sign up, they all save on membership!

  • Comprehensive liability insurance.
  • Earn free CE hours with for 120+ on-demand webinars!
  • Award-winning publications, including Massage & Bodywork magazine.
  • 50+ discounts on massage supplies, cell phone service, and more.
  • Client-education resources including Body Sense magazine.
  • And more...



If you have 5 or more members at your location, you get a free business membership that includes:

  • Your own ABMP account with access to our online roster manager to easily view certificates of insurance, renew members, and keep track of your team.
  • 50+ members-only discounts on massage supplies, cell phone service, and more.
  • Customizable client-focused educational resources.
  • A valuable recruitment tool for new employees, including access to ABMP job postings.

You can get started by filling out this form, emailing employers@abmp.com, or calling 800-458-2267.

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