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Massage in the Military

ABMP member massage therapist Carrie Kopp Adams.

This Veterans Day, we at ABMP recognize and honor our veterans and their service to our country. In honor of Veterans Day, we’re proud to share this winning Massage is for EveryBody essay from ABMP member Carrie Kopp Adams. Carrie is a military spouse who works with Wounded Warriors, DOD staff, and military service members and their families.

Educating Your Clients About Rest Days

Black and white image of man running with "Human Performance Refined" caption.

Structural Elements® founder Doug Bertram discusses the mechanical, metabolic, and mental importance of rest days in this featured blog post.

Massage is for EveryBody $1,000 Award Winners Announced

Massage is for EveryBody image of Black woman receiving chair massage.

ABMP received a number of passionate essays, explaining the many ways in which practitioners work tirelessly to support the guiding principles behind Massage is for EveryBody. We at ABMP are deeply grateful to you all for your healing, inclusive work.

Therapeutic Vibration: Popular Fad or Powerful Tool?

Massage therapist using a therapeutic vibration "massage gun" on a massage client.

While the results massage therapists get with the use of percussion tools can be exciting, there is a lot of misunderstanding regarding the real intent and purpose of vibration/percussion tools in general. 

Stop Telling Massage Therapists to Get a Doctor’s Note

A doctor writing a note on a prescription pad.

It’s a super big pet peeve of mine in online massage communities. Someone will post a question about clinical contraindications . . . and roughly 32 people will chime in and say, “Get a doctor’s note.” This breaks my heart every time, and here’s why.

Premier CBD Products for Massage Therapists: Ahya

CBD tincture in a dropper with cannabis plant and CBD molecular structure.

There are many CBD products out there, but what sets Ahya apart from other spa and wellness products is the authenticity of the ingredients and the unwavering commitment to achieve a meaningful impact on their clients’ lives.

What is Yomassage®?

Yomassage students meditating in a yoga studio.

Yomassage is a fully immersive mind-body experience that combines restorative stretch, mindfulness meditation, and therapeutic touch. 

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