New CE Course: Massage & Bodywork Magazine March-April 2024

Massage & Bodywork magazine cover March-April 2024

The newest Massage & Bodywork magazine CE course, “2024, Issue 2: Massage & Bodywork Magazine March-April 2024,” is available in the ABMP Education Center to read and earn 3 CE hours. 

Course Description

Massage & Bodywork magazine is a thought leader in the field of massage therapy and is distributed broadly—both directly to members of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals and to the entire field through its free digital edition. With each issue, Massage & Bodywork readers are exposed to a variety of pertinent and timely information affecting not only their practice, but the profession as a whole. From specific hands-on techniques to recent research on touch therapies to practice- and business-building ideas, Massage & Bodywork offers readers vetted, informed material that ties directly back to a practitioner’s hands-on work. The ABMP Massage & Bodywork magazine CE courses allow learners to earn CE credit by reading the issue and passing an online quiz.

In this issue, we explore how to use aromatherapy synergies for the muscular system, the value of participating in dolphin-assisted craniosacral classes, and why practitioners should spend focused, intentional time on their client’s facial muscles. Also in this issue is a detailed look at clients with osteoporosis, using graded exposure stretching in your sessions, working with retinacula, communicating with other health-care providers regarding clients, using pain to self-assess your body mechanics, understanding Standard Precautions, a deep dive into scapular dyskinesis, and a conversation with trauma expert Dr. Peter Levine.

The March-April 2024 issue of Massage & Bodywork magazine features contributions from various authors, including Laura Allen, Cal Cates, Rachelle Clauson, Erik Dalton, Allison Denney, Mary Ann Foster, Allissa Haines, Lance Hostetter, Whitney Lowe, Til Luchau, Kate Mackinnon, Douglas Nelson, Heath and Nicole Reed, Melissa Strautman, Siobhain Sweetingham, Nicole Trombley, Ruth Werner, Anne Williams, and Cindy Williams.

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New Study Reconfirms the Benefits of Touch

A recent study found that touch interventions were effective in helping regulate cortisol levels, reducing feelings of depression in adults, and having other significant benefits.

Louisiana Bill Proposes Massage Program Hour Increase

Effective October 1, 2024, Louisiana massage students will no longer be eligible for federal financial aid because massage programs are limited by Louisiana law. But there is a solution: Senate Bill 353 will increase the required education hours for massage licensure from 500 to 625. ABMP fully supports this bill, and we explain why you should too.

Increasing Education Hours: A Trend on the Rise

Due to a revised federal rule change, states with minimum-hour education requirements lower than 600 are considering increasing their massage therapy program length. Find out which states have already introduced bills that would raise education hours, which massage boards have proposed and made final rule changes, and why this is becoming a national trend.


ABMP CE Summit: Headaches


Join us online Tuesday, April 30, 2024, for the ABMP CE Summit: Headaches, which take learners on a journey from understanding headaches to working with clients with headache pain using multiple modalities and techniques.


Podcast: Cancer, Clots, and COVID—A Complicated Client

A client was recently treated for colon cancer—and it didn’t go well. She had surgical complications, a bout of sepsis, and more. Is massage therapy safe? We discuss on this episode of “I Have a Client Who . . .” Pathology Conversations with Ruth Werner.

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