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12 Ways to Improve your Public Speaking

Improving your public speaking skills could enhance your career. Whatever the specific area of your expertise, there’s an audience out there that wants to hear how you did it, and in some cases, they’re willing to pay you to share your secrets.

5 Reasons ABMP Exam Coach is the Best MBLEx Study Guide

Around 30% of candidates fail the MBLEx on the first try and 67% fail on their second try. Because of that, we developed ABMP Exam Coach to provide the definitive answer to the question, “How do I best prepare to pass the MBLEx?”

Expect More, with Les: Let’s Roll

Today the ABMP office is closing a bit early for our annual bowling party, aptly named the Bowl-a-Roma, thanks to a typo on the winning team’s plaque made nearly a decade ago.

Negotiate Your Way to Better Profits

There is no business skill more essential to the success of any professional than the ability to carry out a skillful negotiation.

Saving for Your Massage Career as a Student

While you’re in school, it’s easy to forget about the fact that, whether you work as an employee or start your own practice, you will have some expenses related to obtaining your license and starting your career.

Nina McIntosh and The Educated Heart

"Sometimes during my massage career, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet someone I admire. One of those times was in 2006, when I met Nina McIntosh." —Laura Allen