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COVID-19: What We Understand Now

World map with data points plotted in red to show the spread of COVID-19

I am a pathology educator, and it is my job to keep current with available information about pathologies, as it applies for massage therapists. This has been particularly challenging of late, because as we know, our understanding about COVID-19 changes hourly.

Why Retail Matters More Than Ever For Your Practice

As the industry responds to the impact of COVID-19, now is the time to explore an alternative way to increase the revenue of your business. Establishing a solid retail business alongside your massage therapy practice is a great strategy for accomplishing just that, and it’s one you can begin today thanks to ecommerce.

Five Easy and Healthy Recipes

A bowl of healthy baked oatmeal with strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries

Now is an ideal time to explore cooking new recipes while we’re all encouraged to stay home during the pandemic. These five recipes from ASCP Skin Deep magazine contain healthy ingredients like antioxidant-rich vegetables and vitamin-rich fruits.

We Will Touch Again—Post COVID-19

Tranquil and inviting spa setting with soft lighting and a massage table

As massage therapists, we miss our clients, which causes us to anxiously ask, “How can I be of service if I can’t touch?” And, of course, “When will it all go back to normal?” The short answer? It won’t, actually.

How to Heal Through COVID-19

Stone Buddha statue holding dried flowers in its lap

As new information about COVID-19 emerges, we are swimming through an accelerated climate of fight-or-flight and crisis consciousness. We are reframing this unusual time through the lens of what we call “Healing through COVID-19,” using calmness, openness, vigilance, intelligence, and dedication.