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Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP) is proud to bring into its family of educational resources for the profession, and to introduce a revamped website and mission produced in partnership with founder and massage therapist Joyce Gauthier.

Celebrating Delilah Beasley, A Pioneer in Massage Therapy

Delilah Beasley, massage therapy and civil rights pioneer.

Delilah Beasley has been called the first African American massage therapist. While this may or may not be accurate, it’s fair to say Delilah Beasley is among the earliest and most prominent examples of African American massage practitioners.

9 Tips to Nurture Authenticity in the New Year

Authenticity is at the crux of the work you do. Without it, tending to the needs of others is hard, and sometimes ingenuine. What does authenticity mean to you? What are ways you can nurture your own authenticity? Here are nine tips to build your authentic spirit.

Collaboration Over Competition

A man reaching out his hand to help.

I want to do everything I possibly can to contribute to the collaborative and continued success of the massage field. I want to provide mental and emotional support to my fellow therapists. The only way to climb out of the barrel of negativity and competition is through collaboration.

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