Legislative Advocacy for Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers

ABMP’s Government Relations department advocates on behalf of our members for reasonable regulation of the massage therapy profession in all 50 states. We work with our members, massage therapy boards, state legislatures, and massage therapy coalitions nationwide to ensure the regulation of the profession stays focused on public protection and does not overly burden massage professionals with high licensing costs or bureaucratic red tape. We travel the country or meet online with massage professionals, licensees, and regulators to learn about issues facing professionals locally and help craft solutions.

To learn about our most recent legislative and regulatory activity, visit our Legislative and Policy Developments page.

To find regulatory and contact information for your local state board, as well as read state-specific massage legislative updates, go to www.abmp.com/practitioners/state-requirements.

Map of the United States showing the licensing status for each state.

Want to Get More Involved?

Get in touch with ABMP’s Government Relations team at gr@abmp.com to let us know what regulation-related issues are concerning you, and also what’s working.  Tell us what you’re hearing in your state, city, or town regarding massage legislation and regulation, past, present, or future. Let us know if we can help advocate on your behalf.

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Indiana Proposes Rules for Massage Therapy Licensure and Continuing Education

The Indiana State Board of Massage Therapy proposed new rules as a necessary step to bring licensure protocols into effect. These proposed rules would primarily change the term “certificate holder” to “license holder,” and outline continuing education requirements for renewal once licensure is the law of the land, among other modifications.

New Muscle Layer Discovered on the Jaw

Researchers at the University of Basel have discovered a previously overlooked section of our jaw muscles and described this layer in detail for the first time.


9 Tips to Nurture Authenticity in the New Year

Authenticity is at the crux of the work you do. Without it, tending to the needs of others is hard, and sometimes ingenuine. What does authenticity mean to you? What are ways you can nurture your own authenticity? Here are nine tips to build your authentic spirit.


Learners’ Five Favorite ABMP CE Courses of 2021

ABMP members enhanced their skills and knowledge by taking advantage of the outstanding online education and CE that comes free with membership: the library of courses in the ABMP Education Center, the ABMP CE Socials events, and the ABMP CE Summit online conference.

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