Around the sun



    I celebrated a birthday this week. “Celebrate” feels like too strong of a word, compared to how some people choose to—maybe more of a fist pump.   Thankfully, I am getting older. I feel it; my recovery from my hockey games takes a little longer, and in running my race pace is what my training pace used to be. But I am aging, and for that I am most grateful.   And it’s this time of year when I give thanks for the important people who help me stay on my skates, on the road, on the slopes, and the golf course. Of course I mean my fabulous massage team.   Angie, Cindy, Kristin, and occasionally Sara—four fabulous women who are thoughtful, caring, impressive bodywork professionals. They do the massage field proud. And I am clearly the beneficiary of the work. As I mentioned previously, I have worked in the field for twenty years now, and been educated in the field for the past 10. But I have made massage a more regular part of my life for the past two. I am much better for it. When 2014 ends, I will have met my goal of more frequent massage—28 sessions this year. Time and money very well spent; investments toward more laps around the sun.