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Massage Heights Builds Strong Work Culture

Massage Heights.

Massage Heights is a US and Canadian chain of massage and skin care retreats that are locally owned and operated by small business owners. Our franchisees are passionate about sustaining a culture of care and creating work environments where people feel valued, accepted, and inspired.

Antivirus Software Can Help Protect You and Your Clients

Antivirus Software Shields Practitioners and Clients.

To help ABMP members stay safe in the digital world, we are running a short blog series on cybersecurity and how you can protect your personal information and your computer and digital devices from today’s bad actors. Here is the second installment on social engineering scams.

Monkeypox: What Should Massage Therapists Be Watching For?

We’re not done with COVID, not by a long shot (public behavior notwithstanding), and now we have warning signals of another contagious viral infection that is behaving in ways we haven’t seen before—monkeypox. Before you panic, let’s remember that information is the best defense—so here is some background on monkeypox you can use to take appropriate action and to be a source of reliable information to your clients and others.

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