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Share Your Client Stories with Ruth Werner

In episode 20 of The ABMP Podcast, Undiagnosed Rash: What Do You Think It Is? “I Have a Client Who …” with Ruth Werner, Ruth Werner shares a client story and also tells listeners how to send in their stories for a chance to be featured on the podcast!

$5 Feature"Stretching the Neck"with Joe Muscolino

This month, anyone in the massage and bodywork profession can watch a featured course at a discounted rate of $5 (normally $30) and earn CE! Now through August 31, anyone can buy the course “Stretching the Neck” with Joe Muscolino and earn 1 CE hour for the discounted price of $5 (normally $30).

August Coaching Call with Irene Diamond Free for ABMP Members

As a member of ABMP you are entitled to join master business-acceleration coach Irene Diamond at no cost, on her monthly "Client Creation & Marketing" group coaching calls just for therapists and clinics. The next call is scheduled for Monday, August 3.

The ABMP Podcast with Boulder Massage Therapy Institute Instructor Nancy Saunders

Organization, communication, and trust are the three pillars Nancy Saunders’s bodywork practice, and important skills she establishes when educating new professionals at the Boulder Massage Therapy Institute in Colorado. Nancy reminds us of the importance of setting and holding yourself to high standards and meeting clients where they are—after all, it’s their session.

New Scar Tissue Management Course Series from ABMP

Check out ABMP’s new three-course series “Scar Tissue Management” from Nancy Keeney Smith and Cathy Ryan. Learn how scar tissue forms, the factors that contribute to an abnormal scar, and how to work with scars safely and productively at different stages of wound healing.