New Mexico Reissues Statewide Mask Mandate

A new Public Health Order issued August 17, 2021, reimplements a statewide mask mandate in New Mexico. Facemasks must be worn in all indoor public spaces—regardless of a person’s vaccination status—with limited exceptions.

OK Extends Renewal Date for Lapsed Licensees in 2020

If your massage therapy license was inactive or expired between the period of March 17, 2020, through January 31, 2021, you are eligible to renew your license. You have until December 31, 2021, to submit all renewal requirements.

Pennsylvania Online Continuing Education Update

*Updated 8/25/2021* ABMP received correspondence from the Pennsylvania State Board of Massage Therapy and the Board Administrator clarified that massage therapists are permitted to complete 100% of continuing education hours online during the current biennial renewal period.

Vaccination Requirement for Health-Care Providers in Oregon—UPDATE

Due to COVID-19’s Delta variant, vaccines will be required for all health-care providers working in health-care settings by September 30, 2021. The Oregon Board of Massage Therapy indicated that this may not apply to those that work in spas or private practices.

Pennsylvania COVID-19 Waivers Expiring

The Pennsylvania Bureau of Professionals and Occupational Affairs announced that COVID-19 waivers and suspensions issued during the pandemic will expire in the coming weeks. Find out which wavers and their expiration dates will affect massage therapists.

Stretching May Increase Pain Tolerance

A new study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Pain examined the effects of stretching on pain sensitivity by asking 22 healthy adults who did not suffer from back pain to perform stretches of the lumbar region and forearm muscles.

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