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New Jersey, New Rules? Comment Before October 6!


The New Jersey Board of Massage and Bodywork Therapy (Board) issued proposed rules that would impact clinical education, continuing education, and devices that cause percussions or vibrations.

ABMP encourages you to elevate your voice and submit comments to the Board at before October 6 to show your support of, or opposition to, the proposed rules. Be a voice for your industry! Just make sure to include the following in your email:

  • Email Subject Line: Massage Therapy Proposed Rules—PRN 2023-075  
  • Email Body: Include your name and contact information (email address and telephone number) along with your comments on the proposed rules.

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve summarized the proposed rules for you below.

Required Clinical Education During Massage Programs
The Board is concerned that clinical education completed off-site from a school is not being properly supervised, even if an instructor is at the site where the clinical education is being performed. Therefore, the Board is proposing that all clinical education must be performed only on school grounds.

Continuing Education
The Board is aware of licensees who are completing a majority of their required 20 continuing education (CE) hours in one day. The Board is concerned that licensees who complete so many credit hours in one day are not receiving a fulfilling educational experience. As such, the Board is proposing that no more than eight hours of CE may be earned per day.

The proposed rules would also allow licensees to earn CE credit for business classes. Currently, CE courses related only to business practices cannot count toward fulfilling CE requirements. However, the Board has determined that licensees could benefit from completing courses in business practices because those courses may assist licensees in managing their careers.

Devices That Cause Percussions or Vibrations
The proposed rules clarify that devices that cause percussions or vibrations cannot use electrical current.