Alabama Announces Proposed Rules; Reducing Fees a Possibility

The Alabama Board of Massage Therapy (Board) is proposing new rules that affect multiple sections. It’s time to advocate and help shape the massage therapy profession in your state—submit comments to the Board before September 4.

Montana Standardizes Licensing Board Organization

The Montana legislature adopted House Bill 87, which creates one general law for all licensing boards to follow to unify board standards. The bill explains a board’s function and outlines appointment terms and qualifications, board meetings, and member compensation.

Texas Doubles Down on Massage Establishment Regulation

The Texas legislature adopted House Bill 3579, creating massage establishment emergency suspension orders and allowing for restrictive massage establishment regulations if a business meets specific criteria.

Montana Adopts Criminal Penalties Bill

House Bill 115 consolidates penalties for unlicensed practice across various licensing boards, including the Montana Board of Massage Therapy.

Use Your Voice to Advocate for Minnesota Massage Therapy Licensure

Minnesota is one of only five states to remain unlicensed, even though it is a critical effort for the industry. Please join ABMP to increase massage therapy standards, to implement enhanced public protection, and to encourage progress in the industry. Find out how you can advocate for licensure!

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