Georgia Board of Massage Therapy Seeks Two Board Members

There are currently two seats open to licensed massage therapists on the Georgia Board of Massage Therapy. To qualify, candidates must be residents of Georgia, hold an active Georgia massage license, and have at least five years of massage therapy experience. Learn how you can apply!

Massage Establishments Must Register Their Business in Mississippi

The Mississippi legislature passed Senate Bill 2751 this session, requiring the Mississippi State Board of Massage Therapy to develop guidelines for massage establishment registration. The initial registration fee is $50 and it must be paid to the Board no later than January 1, 2022.

Washington Extends Continuing Education Policy and Adopts New Massage Therapy Rules

To address the ongoing difficulty in obtaining hands-on continuing education during COVID-19, the Washington Board of Massage issued Policy Number BOM 20-01.2 that pushes the date back for massage therapists to meet CE requirements through December 31, 2021. The Board also adopted new massage therapy rules effective September 1, 2021.

Washington Adopts New Massage Therapy Rules

The Washington Board of Massage revised the Washington Administrative Code in August 2020. The rules are now final and are effective September 1, 2021. The rules amend definitions, the out-of-state application process, transfer programs, school approval, training hours, faculty, continuing education, standards of practice, and recordkeeping. They also create a new section on gluteal cleft and perineum massage.

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