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Exploring the issues and challenges unique to the massage and bodywork community.

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In this episode of Business or Pressure, host Allissa Haines walks through the steps to make being your client, and staying your client, easy for the customer.

Traveling the world as a sports massage therapist sounds like a dream for many. For Jim Anderson, it’s so much more than just the hands-on work.

I started with one point of view, and came around to another one—or at least a new curiosity – by the time I was finished. Where will you land on the issue of IV infusions?

Modern research in the field of neuroscience shows what happens in our brains when we engage in yoga and mindfulness practices. How do these contemplative practices affect the brain?

Business or Pressure host Allissa Haines walks through a few basic steps to help you run your massage business with more ease and less stress.

We all experience the idea that relaxation must be earned. But what if we didn’t need to have a reason to relax or be kind to ourselves?

An elderly client has severe back and hip pain as she recovers from her second bout with COVID. Her doctor gave her a steroid shot, but her MT wonders if the pain is a post-viral form of myalgia.

In the restaurant world, the back of the house is a noisy, chaotic mess. The back of the knee isn’t much different.

Every industry has its ebbs and flows, including the massage and bodywork industry. How do we navigate this and come out ahead?

Business or Pressure host Allissa Haines walks through all the factors to consider to help you gain confidence in your pricing structure.

With the widespread use of smartphones, many people spend extended periods looking down at their screens. How does prolonged forward neck tilt associated with smartphone use contribute to issues like “tech neck?”

We know a fair amount about kidney disease and about dialysis. The interface between massage therapy and people using dialysis has sparked a lot of conversation in research and medical circles.