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ABMP Podcasts for Massage Therapists & Bodyworkers

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Exploring the issues and challenges unique to the massage and bodywork community.

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We often define ourselves by how busy we are - always looking outward instead of inward. Darren speaks with Angie Parris-Raney about the peripheral modalities that led her to meditation.

A young adult who’s been struggling with epilepsy wakes up after a seizure and is completely paralyzed on their left side. What does this mean? What happens next?

Thoracic outlet syndrome is a lot like TMJ—known more for its dysfunction than its function. But if we take a moment to understand outlets we might be able to approach the famous one we own with a little more finesse.

Websites are an incredible tool for recruiting new massage clients. A few simple updates can make your business website even better.

As your client pool ages, it’s likely you will see more clients living with diabetes. Can the hands-on work you offer this aging group of clients make a difference in their quality of life?

Tucked away during rainy season in a tropical paradise, a mosquito-borne virus runs rampant. What does Dengue fever mean for massage?

The healing capabilities of dolphins have long been speculated upon—particularly relating to the high ultrasonic frequencies they emit.

Enforcing business policies can be uncomfortable. Host Allissa Haines discusses how creating protocols and scripts in advance will lend professionalism and ease to running a massage business.

Microstresses are small moments of stress that seem manageable on their own, but they aren’t as harmless as they seem. Chris Smith joins to discuss strategies to remove microstresses from our daily lives.

A client with a 3-week-old pacemaker wants a relaxation massage. Her Facebook group of other pacemaker users encourages her to do it, but her massage therapist is hesitant.

The shoulder is complex, meaning it gives us a lot of movement. But with more mobility, we get less stability. And there is a lot of mobility in this crazy joint complex of ours.

Neal Anderson, Certified Advanced Rolfer and Rolf Movement Practitioner, joins the podcast to discuss how the Rolf Institute addresses the concept of structural integration.