Ep 381 -The Popliteal House: “The Rebel MT” with Allison Denney

Image of an elderly man holding his right knee.

In the restaurant world, the back of the house is a noisy, chaotic mess. The back of the knee isn’t much different. With a lot of elements clamoring to keep things moving, it’s no wonder things can get sticky and dysfunctional. In this episode of The Rebel MT, Allison breaks down how understanding the frantic mayhem is fundamental to your role as a “fixer.”

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Allison Denney is a certified massage therapist and certified YouTuber. You can find her massage tutorials at YouTube.com/RebelMassage. She is also passionate about creating products that are kind, simple, and productive for therapists to use in their practices. Her products, along with access to her blog and CE opportunities, can be found at rebelmassage.com.        



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Rebel Massage Therapist:

My name is Allison. And I am not your typical massage therapist. After 20 years of experience and thousands of clients, I have learned that massage therapy is SO MUCH more than a relaxing experience at a spa. I see soft tissue as more than merely a physical element but a deeply complex, neurologically driven part of who you are. I use this knowledge to work WITH you—not ON you—to create change that works. This is the basis of my approach. As a massage therapist, I have worked in almost every capacity, including massage clinics, physical therapy clinics, chiropractor offices, spas, private practice, and teaching. I have learned incredible techniques and strategies from each of my experiences. In my 20 years as a massage therapist, I have never stopped growing. I currently have a private practice based out of Long Beach, California, where I also teach continuing education classes and occasionally work on my kids. If they’re good.

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