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Ep 23 – The State of PPE in Massage with Zeel's Alison Harmelin and Amir Hemmat

Zeel Co-Founder Alison Harmelin and Zeel Senior Director of Public Health and Workplace Safety Amir Hemmat discuss the current state of PPE for massage therapists, including how to prioritize which products to use and which partners to trust, how to plan ahead so you’re not caught unprepared in your practice, and what steps Zeel is taking to ensure the safety of their therapists and clients. 

Ep 22 – Fractured Sternum—“I Have a Client Who …” with Ruth Werner

A client who was recently in a motor vehicle accident was “cleared for massage” by her primary care provider. But it turns out she had no X-rays and that hid the fact that she sustained a fracture to her sternum. What is the responsibility of the massage therapist when a client has been “cleared for massage”? Ruth has some thoughts.

Ep 20 – Undiagnosed Rash: What Do You Think It Is? “I Have a Client Who …” with Ruth Werner

An older long-time client is on the table, midway through her massage. When the MT undrapes her leg, she finds a string of red blisters from the client’s buttock down the leg. “Oh, yeah, it’s kind of itchy,” says the client. In this episode, we talk about undiagnosed skin lesions, how carefully we need to communicate to clients about them, and take a deeper dive into shingles: what causes it, what the risks are, and whether massage therapists might catch it from clients.

Ep 19 – “Change Your Breath, Change Your Health” with James Nestor, bestselling author of Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art

Is it possible that mouth breathing has contributed to, and exacerbated, numerous health conditions? Bestselling author James Nestor wants to convert you into a nose breather. He spent years in laboratories and ancient burial sites, working with researchers at Stanford, the University of Pennsylvania, and other institutions to figure out what went wrong with our breathing—and how to fix it.

Ep 18 – Shoulder Injury—Or Is It?—“I Have a Client Who …” with Ruth Werner

A client complaining of seemingly uncomplicated shoulder pain has a very complicated issue indeed—the wrong choices here could have led to very serious repercussions. Pathology educator Ruth Werner shares one of her own “I Have a Client Who . . .” stories involving a neighbor, her garden, and her mysterious, stubborn shoulder pain—that turned out not to be shoulder pain.

Ep 17 – The Sacred Sacrum with Massage & Bodywork Columnist Cindy Williams

The sacrum is held with a reverence because of its energetic, structural, and nervous system significance. Working to create positive change in this area can help balance your clients. Listen as Massage & Bodywork columnist Cindy Williams equips MTs with the information needed to foster a safe working environment for both MTs and clients, removing fears of working in this area.

Ep 16 – Essential Tremor –“I Have a Client Who ...” with Ruth Werner

A beloved long-time client is already affected by heart disease and diabetes. Now his hands have begun shaking too. In this episode, pathology educator Ruth Werner addresses the complex overlap of conditions that this client lives with, with special attention to his latest challenge: essential tremor, a common, sometimes debilitating problem that is poorly understood and difficult to treat.

Ep 15 – Emotional First Aid with Chopra Center Certified Angie Parris-Raney

How do emotions affect our biology? What determines how we interpret an experience? How do we navigate a heated exchange? How can understanding emotional intelligence help us? Listen as we wrap up our three-part mini-series on communication skills with Angie Parris-Raney, a 20-year MT who also has certification in Chopra Center meditation. Conscious communication means stopping during an altercation, taking deep breaths, observing from innocence, and proceeding with compassion.

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