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Ep 136 – The Pressure Scale with Tracy Walton

Tracy Walton’s belief is simple: Everyone deserves compassionate touch. She has developed guidelines that are already at work in hospitals, massage schools, and clinics across the country. This includes a pressure scale she developed, based on the work of Gayle MacDonald and Dawn Nelson. In this episode, Tracy discusses her beginnings in oncology massage, how frustration in the classroom helped develop the pressure scale, and her hopes of trauma-informed massage therapy instruction in the classroom.

Ep 131 – Grounding: Talking Energy Medicine with Amelia Vogler

Amelia Vogler had a “humdinger” of a family life growing up in North Carolina. She was influenced by both her father’s funeral home business and her mother’s horticultural background. From her father, she learned about grief and therapeutic space, and from her mother she learned about physical and spiritual blooming and flowering. Amelia joins the podcast to talk about the challenge of growing up an empath.

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