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Rhode Island

Dept of Health 
Massage Therapy
"3 Capitol Hill, Room 104
Providence, RI 02908-5097
Phone: 401-222-2828
Fax: 401-222-1272

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Title: Licensed Massage Therapist
Requirement: 500 hours and passing the MBLEx
Renewal: 6 hours/1 year

Help Improve Massage Regulation in Rhode Island

Are you interested in improving the way that massage therapists are regulated in Rhode Island?  Would you like to get involved in the process of updating and advancing the massage therapy laws and rules in the state?  If so, please consider joining a coalition of professionals and interested parties which has formed to develop regulatory proposals to submit to the state legislature.  The coalition is looking for individuals who have a desire to contribute and participate in a positive way by working on proposed amendments to current legislation and rules. 

Six Hours of Continuing Education Now Required for Annual Massage License Renewal in Rhode Island

Several changes to Rhode Island's massage therapy licensing rules became effective on August 5, 2018. You can read the new rules here. The changes include a new requirement that all licensed massage therapists must now complete six hours of continuing education (CE) every year in order to renew their license. This new rule brings Rhode Island in line with most other states, which generally require CE for license renewal. The new rule states as follows:

Rhode Island Will Consider Changes to the Massage Law

Under current law, Rhode Island massage therapists are regulated directly by the Department of Health. House Bill 5714, introduced in the state legislature on February 27, 2013, would amend Rhode Island’s massage law by placing the regulation of the massage profession under a new State Board of Massage Therapy Examiners operating under the Division of Professional Regulation of the Department of Health.