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There is no state regulation. Contact your City Clerk to find local requirements.

ABMP Advocates for Massage and Bodywork Licensure in Minnesota

ABMP submitted written commentary to the Minnesota legislature regarding Senate File 967 and House File 973, which would create statewide licensure for massage and bodywork therapists. We support this legislation and invite you to read our comments and write to your elected officials.

Minnesota Introduces Licensing Bills for Massage and Asian Bodywork Therapies

Serve the best interest of your profession and the public while ensuring ongoing competence and high standards of practice. How? Support licensing efforts in Minnesota! Write a letter to your elected officials, sharing why licensure is an important and necessary step to advance the massage therapy industry.

Use Your Voice to Advocate for Minnesota Massage Therapy Licensure

Minnesota is one of only five states to remain unlicensed, even though it is a critical effort for the industry. Please join ABMP to increase massage therapy standards, to implement enhanced public protection, and to encourage progress in the industry. Find out how you can advocate for licensure!

Minnesota Delays Action on Massage and Asian Bodywork Therapy Licensure

The Minnesota legislature will not adopt massage and Asian bodywork therapy licensure in 2023. ABMP members are an essential part of ensuring that the Minnesota legislature prioritizes licensure next year. Contact your state representative and senator today to let them know massage and Asian bodywork therapy licensure deserves attention in 2024.

A New Try for Massage Therapy Licensure in Minnesota

Senate File 967 and House File 973 have been introduced this legislative session. Both bills would require massage therapists and Asian bodywork therapists to be state licensed. If you believe massage licensing would help the public and the profession, send supportive emails to Senator Clare Oumou Verbeten and Representative Dave Pinto.