Minnesota Delays Action on Massage and Asian Bodywork Therapy Licensure

The Minnesota legislature will not adopt massage and Asian bodywork therapy licensure in 2023. Simply put, the legislature has too many competing priorities in 2023 and will not meaningfully consider this legislation. You can learn more about the proposed legislation by visiting ABMP’s March blog post.

However, ABMP is working with multiple stakeholders and partners to ensure that a licensing bill is brought back and becomes an important priority in 2024. Like many of you, ABMP views licensure as necessary to ensure practitioners and educators have the tools, resources, and knowledge to do their best work. Licensure would also provide the massage and Asian bodywork therapy industries a unified scope of practice, professional standards, and accountability—all positive steps toward ensuring safe and quality services, offering consumer and practitioner protection, and elevating the massage and Asian bodywork community.

ABMP members are an essential part of ensuring that the Minnesota legislature prioritizes massage and Asian bodywork therapy licensure next year. We strongly encourage you to elevate your voice to share your thoughts and expertise with your legislators. In doing so, you will help bring about important change within your industry.

You can find your state representative here and your state senator here. You can use and adapt this advocacy letter when writing to your representatives and senator to let them know massage and Asian bodywork therapy licensure deserves attention in 2024.

As always, let us know if we can answer questions or support you by emailing gr@abmp.com.