MN Massage Therapy and Asian Bodywork Therapy Licensing Bills—UPDATE

ABMP notified you of Senate File 1074 (SF 1074) and House File 1275 (HF 1275) in December 2021. If signed into law, SF 1074 and HF 1275 would require statewide licensure for massage therapists and Asian bodywork therapists in Minnesota.

ABMP worked with a coalition of professional associations, massage therapists, and massage therapy schools in Minnesota to draft these bills over the last four years. SF 1074 and HF 1275 had to be assigned to and heard in committee by March 25, 2022. Unfortunately, they were not. As such, neither bill can move forward in the legislative process this year. However, the bills will be on the calendar for the 2023 legislative session.

ABMP will keep you informed and continue to advocate for massage therapy licensure in Minnesota.