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Florida Extends License Renewal Date

Due to Hurricane Idalia’s devastating impact, license renewal deadlines have been pushed back for some professionals, including massage therapists and their businesses. Practitioners now have until October 2, 2023, to renew their professional and establishment licenses.

New Jersey, New Rules? Comment Before October 6!

The New Jersey Board of Massage and Bodywork Therapy issued proposed rules that would impact clinical education, continuing education, and devices that cause percussions or vibrations.

Iowa Considering Consolidating Massage Board

Your massage therapy board may be in trouble! There is a recommendation to consolidate the Board of Massage Therapy with the Board of Chiropractic, the Board of Respiratory Care, and the Board of Physical and Occupational Therapy. We strongly encourage you to elevate your voice and submit comments before September 6 to show your opposition to, or support of, the massage therapy board consolidation proposal.

Alabama Announces Proposed Rules; Reducing Fees a Possibility

The Alabama Board of Massage Therapy (Board) is proposing new rules that affect multiple sections. It’s time to advocate and help shape the massage therapy profession in your state—submit comments to the Board before September 4.

Idaho Recommends Reducing Red Tape

The Idaho State Board of Massage Therapy (Board) issued proposed rules that aim to remove duplicate and unnecessary language from its administrative rules. Entire sections are on the chopping block. Submit your comments to the Board before August 15.

Montana Standardizes Licensing Board Organization

The Montana legislature adopted House Bill 87, which creates one general law for all licensing boards to follow to unify board standards. The bill explains a board’s function and outlines appointment terms and qualifications, board meetings, and member compensation.