New Massage Therapy Rules Proposed in Alaska

The Alaska Board of Massage Therapists (board) has proposed new massage therapy rules that would impact licensure by credentials, continuing education requirements, and massage therapy establishments. ABMP has summarized the proposed rule changes below. You can also view the proposed rules here.
If you would like to submit commentary on the proposed changes, email no later than 4:30 p.m. (AST) on March 12, 2021. We encourage you to use this easy-to-follow advocacy email template courtesy of ABMP to voice your opinion. Simply fill out the template with the appropriate information.

Application for licensure by credentials (12 AAC 79.110.)
The proposed rule change in this section would allow the board to require extra documentation to verify education declared by an applicant.
Continuing education requirements (12 AAC 79.210.)
This proposed rule would require licensees to document the completion of a CPR course. The proposed rules also modify the rule regarding attending a board meeting for CE credits: licensees would receive three CE credits for attending 75 percent of a board meeting once every biennial licensing period.

Application form and verifications for licensure (12 AAC 79.920.)
The proposed rule change in this section modifies the current rule by adding the possibility of additional documentation needed in the application for licensure.
Regulation of massage therapy establishments (12 AAC 79.930.)
The proposed change in this section would require massage therapy establishments to provide documentation of a current business license in the state of Alaska when registering their business. In addition, businesses would have to renew their registration on or before September 30 of every odd-numbered year. Businesses would also be required to notify the board of relocation within 30 days if an establishment changes location. If an establishment closes, the owner would have to notify the board within 15 days.

Unregistered massage therapy establishment investigation (12 AAC 79.940.)
This is a proposed new section that would require an unregistered massage therapy establishment to pay an investigation fee if they are investigated.

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