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Massage Therapy Licensure
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Title: Licensed Massage Therapist
Requirement: 750 hours, and MBLEx or NCBTMB
Renewal: 24 hours/4 years

Regulation Type: 
State License

Starting 10/1/19 750 Hours of Massage Education Plus Internship Required for New Licensees and Liability Insurance Required for All Licensees

A new law in Connecticut states that, starting on October 1, 2019, all new applicants for massage therapy licensure must have completed 750 hours of massage education plus at least sixty hours of unpaid and supervised clinical or internship experience  The law states:

License Now Required to Advertise Shiatsu, Acupressure, or Thai Massage in Connecticut

Connecticut House Bill 5455 was signed into law by Governor Dannel Malloy on May 31, 2012. The new law, Public Act No. 12-64, amends prior law by adding “shiatsu, “acupressure,” “Thai massage,” “Thai yoga massage,” and “Thai yoga” to the list of services that may not be advertised without a massage therapy license.

New Law in Connecticut Establishes Criminal Penalties

On June 26, 2009, Governor Rell signed House Bill 5883 into law. The new law, An Act Concerning The Unlicensed Practice of Massage Therapy, makes it a Class C misdemeanor for anyone to engage in the practice of massage therapy or use the title “massage therapist” without a license from the state Department of Public Health. Such a misdemeanor is punishable by up to three months in prison and a fine of up to $500. The bill goes into effect on October 1, 2009. It does not affect licensed massage therapists.

Bills Would Crack Down on Unlicensed Practice and Protect Therapists’ Rights to Work from Home

House Bill 5883, sponsored by Representative Orange, would establish criminal liability and penalties for those who engage in the unlicensed practice of massage therapy. The bill was assigned to the Joint Committee on Public Health but a hearing has not been scheduled yet. ABMP supports HB 5883.


The Governor Rell signed Senate Bill 140 into law on May 22, 2007. The bill addresses two issues related to the Massage Therapy Practice Act:
  1. Replaces the title “Connecticut licensed massage therapist” with “massage therapist”; and
  2. Prohibits anyone other than a licensed massage therapist or a holder of another applicable license from using the titles “massage therapist,” “licensed message therapist,” “massage practitioner,” “massagist,” “masseur,” or “masseuse. ”
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