The Governor Rell signed Senate Bill 140 into law on May 22, 2007. The bill addresses two issues related to the Massage Therapy Practice Act:
  1. Replaces the title “Connecticut licensed massage therapist” with “massage therapist”; and
  2. Prohibits anyone other than a licensed massage therapist or a holder of another applicable license from using the titles “massage therapist,” “licensed message therapist,” “massage practitioner,” “massagist,” “masseur,” or “masseuse. ”
The bill also prohibits advertising any of the services that comprise massage therapy in any manner using the term “massage,” unless the services are to be provided by a licensed massage therapist. It specifies that “advertising” includes: giving a card, sign, or device to anyone; causing or allowing a sign or marking on a vehicle, building, or other structure; advertising in a newspaper or magazine; and placing a listing or advertisement in a directory under a heading or classification that includes the words “massage,” “massage therapist,” “massage therapy,” or “massage therapy establishment.” It requires licensed massage therapists to include their license number in advertisements in newspapers, telephone directories, or other media.