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ABMP Podcasts for Massage Therapists & Bodyworkers

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Exploring the issues and challenges unique to the massage and bodywork community.

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A young woman is newly diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. Is massage therapy safe? Can it be helpful? What does a massage therapist need to know ahead of time?

Hidden in the shadows, the serratus posterior superior and inferior are, what I like to call, our anatomical parentheses.

Design can be simple. Maybe that’s why it’s so complicated. In this episode of The ABMP Podcast, Kristin and Darren are joined by Carolyn Boldt to discuss what to look for when evaluating office space.

A massage therapist lives and works near the East Palestine, Ohio, train derailment site. They want to know about the possible risks of working with people exposed to chemical toxins.

Arrogant. Charismatic. Narcissistic. If you were to name traits that define strong leaders, these words might spring to mind. The evidence, however, tells quite a different story.

A client reports she’s about to lose a kidney due to a kidney stone. That seems . . . extreme, doesn’t it? What’s probably happening is that she has a staghorn calculus: a stone that takes up all the space in her kidney.

Albert Einstein said, “The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.” But does it have to be that hard? Join Kristin as she speaks with Kenesha Coleman about what business owners need to know before filling their taxes.

A client is an adult man with spastic cerebral palsy. He has a Baclofen pump and is preparing for Botox injections. He’s also found a massage therapist who has the experience and expertise to help him—that’s amazing!

In this episode of The ABMP Podcast, Kristin speaks with author Cindy Spence about her book Palliative Touch: Massage for People at the End of Life and how practitioners can protect themselves during this emotional work.

A client reports she has Sprengel’s deformity and was told never to get massage or chiropractic. Nonetheless, she finds that massage is very helpful! What is Sprengel’s deformity?

The Teres Major and Teres Minor may share a name, but sharing is not something they do well. In a constant battle for the humerus, they have spent a lifetime arguing, competing, and creating friction.

Mental decline is not an inevitable part of aging. You can boost your short- and long-term brain health and significantly lower the risk of dementia—if the right steps are taken now.