Reflexology Certification Bill Signed Into Law in Washington

On March 29, 2012, Governor Gregoire signed Senate Bill 6103, which amends and supplements the existing massage licensing statute by requiring the certification of reflexologists. Because massage practitioners must be licensed in Washington under existing law, and reflexology falls within their scope of practice, the new certification provisions will not have an impact on currently licensed massage practitioners. The new law states that no person may advertise or represent him or herself as a reflexologist by the use of any title without first being certified as a reflexologist (unless an LMP). In order to obtain reflexologist certification, the applicant must complete an approved course of study and pass an examination approved by the Washington Secretary of Health. The statute includes a grandfathering provision which states that an applicant may be certified without examination if he or she has practiced reflexology for at least five years prior to the statute’s effective date, or applies for certification within one year of that effective date (6/7/12). Additionally, the legislation adds a new section to the massage licensing law which states that the secretary of health has the authority to inspect the premises of any massage or reflexology business during business hours, and may apply to a court for a warrant if access to the premises is denied. The prior statute provided for inspections only by state and local law enforcement personnel. The Washington state board of massage may adopt rules and regulations to implement the statute. ABMP will be providing updates as they become available.