Bill Proposes Changes to South Dakota's Massage Law

South Dakota HB 1027, introduced this legislative session, would make several changes to South Dakota’s massage law if passed.  ABMP submitted public comments during the bill’s drafting period which you can read here.  One of the primary changes that would occur if the bill passes is a tightening of the rules for licensure by endorsement, in that out-of-state licensees would be required to show specifically that they have 500 hours of massage education or have practiced massage for the past two years.  This could impact people who obtained their out-of-state license by grandfathering.  ABMP expressed our concern about this provision during the bill’s drafting.  Another important change would be to add new language making clear that the Board of Massage Therapy has the authority to enforce the provisions of the massage law.  We will keep you updated on the status of this bill.