Changes to North Dakota CE Policy

Changes have been made to the North Dakota policy regarding continuing education for licensed massage therapists. Click here to read the updated policy document. Under the new requirements, starting August 1, the state will allow 10 hours of the required 24 CE hours to be online, instead of the previous 9-hour limit. Acceptable and non-acceptable course content is listed in the policy document.

Additionally, 12 of the 24 required CE hours must now be classes involving hands-on muscle manipulation therapies given in the physical presence of the class instructor/presenter. ABMP opposed this requirement when it was proposed, but the state adopted the change nonetheless.

Further, the state no longer requires CE presenters to register annually with the state for approval to present CE classes. Per the new policy, the state will simply accept "instructors/providers who are vetted by professional organizations."

The total number of required CE hours has not changed. North Dakota MT's must still complete 24 hours of CE every two years in order to renew their licenses.

If you have questions, please contact the North Dakota State Board of Massage