New Jersey Bill Would Regulate Massage and Bodywork Therapy Advertisements

Sponsored by Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini , Assembly Bill 456 proposes to regulate massage and bodywork therapy advertisements. If passed, any advertisement for massage and bodywork therapies must contain the telephone number for the New Jersey Human Trafficking Hotline, as well as the registration number of the advertising business or therapist. ABMP does not take issue with requiring a registration number on advertising, but we oppose the requirement for the inclusion of the New Jersey Human Trafficking Hotline. While ABMP believes that human trafficking is abhorrent, an advertisement for massage or bodywork services is not an appropriate place to require the listing of a human trafficking hotline. Massage therapy regulation should serve the goal of regulating the profession and insuring the health and safety of the public. Mandating the inclusion of a human trafficking hotline on advertisements oversteps these goals, moving into the area of law enforcement, and creates an unacceptable link between massage therapy and prostitution. Introduced on January 10, 2012, A456 has been assigned to the Regulated Professions Committee. ABMP will be providing updates as they become available.