New Hampshire Establishment Licensing Bill

In early January, the New Hampshire legislature introduced House Bill 341 (HB 341), which would create massage therapy establishment licensing. The bill is being heard by the Executive Departments and Administration Committee (Committee) at 10:45 a.m. EST on January 25.

HB 341 Concerns
ABMP advocates for reasonable regulation of massage therapy establishments with sole practitioner exemptions. ABMP is opposed to HB 341 and wrote a letter to legislators because the bill appears to ultimately be an effort to address illicit businesses and may adversely affect legitimate massage establishments.

  • HB 341 claims sole practitioners will be exempt from establishment licensure. However, the bill goes on to say that if a sole practitioner is providing services without a prior appointment, the sole practitioner would be required to get an establishment license. ABMP finds this statement contradictory and confusing. If the bill moves forward, sole practitioners should be exempt regardless of their scheduling practices.
  • HB 341 directly calls out human trafficking. ABMP believes the bill has been introduced to address issues associated with illicit businesses. However, ABMP knows that New Hampshire-licensed massage therapists are educated, trained, and vetted professionals who should not bear the cost through their licensing fees to solve the issue of human trafficking.

If you are opposed to HB 341 and establishment licensure in New Hampshire and/or believe massage therapists alone should not shoulder the financial burden of countering illicit businesses, ABMP encourages you to advocate and speak your mind. Email your opinions to the Committee at before morning. It would also be helpful to email your representatives, who you can find here.

The bill is likely to also be heard by a subcommittee Friday morning, January 27. ABMP will continue to update you on the status of the bill and testimony options if you indicate your interest by emailing