May 23, 2016 Legislative Alert

The fllowing legilstaive alert was emailed to our Louisiana members on May 23, 2016:

A new bill in Louisiana, HB 792, could potentially strip Louisiana-licensed massage therapists of their massage therapy licenses if they obtained their license by endorsement (based on an out-of-state-license) since 2013 and did not complete 500 hours of massage education and pass a national exam.  Specifically, the bill states that anyone who obtained their Louisiana massage therapy license by endorsement since 2013 must now show that they completed 500 hours of massage education and passed a national massage exam - -  even though the current state law allows an applicant to qualify for licensure based on a current out-of-state massage license without proving 500 hours of education or exam passage. 

The bill also proposes to add significant new hurdles for out-of-state therapists seeking licensure in Louisiana going forward. 

ABMP opposes this bill because it has the potential to put Louisiana-licensed massage therapists out of business and restrict professional mobility between states. Click here to read ABMP's letter in opposition to the bill.

If you obtained your Louisiana license since 2013 based on holding an out-of-state license without 500 hours of education or passage of a national massage exam, your state license is at risk. Please contact your state legislators now by phone or email to let them know that you oppose HB 792 because it has the potential to strip current, practicing licensees of their ability to make a living.

Click here to find your state legislators' contact information by your zip code.

It is especially important that you contact your state legislator if he or she is on the Senate Health and Welfare Committee, which will hear the bill tomorrow May 24, 2016 at 11:00 a.m.  Click here for the list of Committee members and their contact information.