Iowa Considering Consolidating Massage Board

Your massage therapy board may be in trouble! Governor Kim Reynolds’s Board and Commissions Review Committee (BCRC) is recommending eliminating or consolidating more than 100 boards and commissions. The BCRC is considering consolidating the Board of Massage Therapy with the Board of Chiropractic, the Board of Respiratory Care, and the Board of Physical and Occupational Therapy.

Consolidation Concerns
Consolidating boards mix their duties with those from other boards, which could lead to less representation and expertise at the regulatory level. While the move to streamline the state’s regulatory bodies and code may have some benefits, it increases the possibility for unknown consequences, including public safety concerns.

An effective board is a balanced team that has complementary skill sets, knowledge base, experience, and education—this would not be the reality of a consolidated board. The bottom line? This could ultimately impact how your profession is regulated, how decisions are made, and how you practice. We strongly encourage you to elevate your voice and email before September 6 to show your opposition to, or support of, the massage therapy board consolidation proposal.

Currently, the state has released only its recommendation for consolidation. No further information has been given as to specific board authorities, duties, representation, or meeting schedules.

Can I Attend the Public Hearing?
Not only can you email with your thoughts and concerns, you also have the opportunity to attend the public hearing next week to share your opinion about whether certain boards should be kept the same or modified.

When: September 6, 2023, at noon CDT

Where: Iowa State Capitol, Room 103 (Old Supreme Court Chamber)

What: A Boards and Commissions Review Committee public meeting; speakers will be given two minutes each.

Sign up: If you’re interested in speaking, email with your name and any details about the Board of Massage Therapy you’d like to discuss.

What Happens After the Comment Period?
After the public hearing, the BCRC will submit a report with its final recommendations to Governor Reynolds and the Iowa Legislature by September 30. It will be up to lawmakers to decide whether to act on the consolidation proposal.