Florida Proposes New School Definitions

The Florida Board of Massage Therapy (Board) has proposed a new massage therapy rule that amends the definitions section affecting massage therapy schools. ABMP has summarized the proposed rule for you below. If you would like to submit written comments to the Board in support of, or in opposition to, the proposed rules, email Danielle.Terrell@flhealth.gov by November 21, 2022.

The proposed rules add and amend the following definitions:

Physical presence—the attendance of a faculty member who is responsible for classroom hour instruction at an approved campus or facility of a Board-approved massage therapy school who:

  1. Has physical access to all portions of the campus or facility in which classroom hours are offered as a part of the course of study
  2. Is physically on site at the campus or facility where classroom hours are conducted and offered to students
  3. Observes students completing classroom hours where classroom hours in clinical practicum are conducted
  4. Is in close proximity to students who are engaged in classroom hours for clinical practicum to the extent that the faculty member has access to an unobstructed view of student and patient clinicals without the obstruction of closed doors, curtains, or noise disturbances, and
  5. Is able to provide immediate physical direction, redirection, or intervention for student and patient safety

The proposed rules also slightly amend the definition of “classroom hour,” by stating that classroom hours may either be didactic or clinical study.