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Distance Learning by Emergency Rule Approved for Continuing Education for 2021 - 2023 Renewal Cycle


The Florida Board of Massage Therapy (Board) created emergency rules during the COVID-19 pandemic. At the pandemic’s peak, there was concern about student and instructor safety, and the Board amended continuing education rules, allowing approved online courses to be used to meet the 12-hour hands-on technique requirement for the 2019–2021 renewal cycle.

In continued response to COVID-19 and the ongoing concerns of licensees, the Board extended this rule for the 2021-2023 renewal cycle. This means that all continuing education may be completed online for this renewal period.
On behalf of our members, ABMP worked with the Board and received approval for the following ABMP Education Center courses in the “Hands-on by Distance” category:

  • A Combined Approach: Hands-On and Cupping Techniques for Neck Fascia—CE Broker #20-1078200
  • A Detailed Approach to General Neck Pain—CE Broker #20-846815
  • A Detailed Approach to Low-Back Pain—CE Broker #20-846821
  • A Global Approach to the Knee—CE Broker #20-1048314
  • Asian Reflexology—CE Broker #20-1083056
  • Assessing and Treating Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow—CE Broker #20-846831
  • Balancing the Shoulder—CE Broker #20-846829
  • Cupping and the Lymphatic System—CE Broker #20-1083060
  • Easing Pregnancy Pain—CE Broker #20-1083054
  • Fascia: Updating Our Hands-On Approach—CE Broker #20-1078202
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage: Basic Techniques for the Neck and Face—CE Broker #20-1078204
  • Myofascial Techniques: Hands-On for the Hands—CE Broker #20-843921
  • Orthopedic Cupping: Part 1–Cupping 101—CE Broker #20-1083048
  • Orthopedic Cupping: Part 2–Upper-Extremity Conditions—CE Broker #20-1078192
  • Orthopedic Cupping: Part 3–Lower-Extremity Conditions—CE Broker #20-1083050
  • Plantar Foot Pain—CE Broker #20-1078494
  • Stretching the Neck—CE Broker #20-989294
  • Stretching the Piriformis—CE Broker #20-846811

The Board created this resource page with general information about the “Hands-on by Distance” category. Also check out the Board’s CE requirements page to view a complete list of CE requirements for renewal. As always, ABMP courses may be used to meet the two-hour “ethics” and five-hour “general” requirements. Visit the ABMP Education Center to start learning and earning free CE!