New Delaware Massage Establishment Regulations 

The Delaware Board of Massage and Bodywork (Board) has finalized the regulations implementing the state's new massage establishment license law. The law and regulations require that massage and bodywork businesses obtain an establishment license in addition to any state or locally required business license, and in addition to the state massage therapist license that must be held by each individual massage therapist. ABMP actively worked with the Board to help shape the regulations and voice our concerns during the regulatory process.

The new regulations go into effect Wednesday, April 11, 2018. However, there is nothing you need to do right now, since establishment license applications will not be available until early April, 2018. The Board will notify state-licensed massage therapists by email when applications are available on the Board's website. You should apply as soon as possible after the applications become available in April. The Board will be issuing 90-day temporary permits while it processes the license applications.

Click here to read the new regulations (scroll down to the underlined language at section 12.0). Please read the regulations carefully. In general, the regulations:

  • explain which type of massage and bodywork businesses must obtain an establishment license
  • outline the requirements that will apply to licensed establishments
  • allow the Board to waive certain requirements
  • describe how the Division of Professional Regulation may inspect massage establishments

Please contact ABMP at with any questions. Some questions may have to be answered by the Board, however. You can contact the Board at: 

PHONE: (302) 744-4500

FAX: (302) 739-2711