Update on Potential CAMTC Fee Increase

As you might be aware, the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC) gave notice that fee increases may be discussed at its meeting Tuesday, November 29. There is still no indication as to how much of an increase CAMTC may be considering.

ABMP has learned there is a strong likelihood the meeting will be in Palm Springs. However, meetings can be relocated in advance. Check CAMTC’s website regularly to confirm the meeting and to obtain the Board Packet, which should be available in advance of the meeting. Your attendance is an opportunity to learn about a potential fee increase and to testify in support of or in opposition to.

ABMP understands that many may not be able to attend the meeting given the location. Nevertheless, you can still voice concerns regarding the potential fee increase by emailing CAMTC at info@camtc.org before November 14. ABMP has drafted suggested language you can use. Please feel encouraged to share your thoughts, opinions, and experiences. If you would like more information for your letter, check out ABMP’s legislative post that discusses fees in California and national comparisons. In your letter, make sure to request that your letter be entered into the record and the Board Packet.

In addition to sending your comments to info@camtc.org, please forward them to gr@abmp.com so ABMP can ensure they are entered on the record. Email ABMP’s Government Relation’s team at gr@abmp.com to let us know if you plan on attending the meeting.