Alabama Proposes New Massage Therapy Rules

On June 17, the Alabama Board of Massage Therapy (Board) announced proposed rule amendments that affect the fee schedule and establishment licensure. ABMP has summarized the suggested changes below.

Fee schedule (page 3 in linked document)
The Board proposes to amend and update the fee schedule.

  • Massage therapist initial license fee: $150 (currently $100)
  • Massage therapist license renewal fee: $200 (currently $100)
  • Massage therapist renewal late fee less than one year past expiration: $50 (currently $25)
  • Massage therapist renewal late fee more than one year past expiration: $100 (currently $75)
  • Establishment license initial fee: $150 (currently $100)
  • Establishment license renewal fee: $200 (currently $50)
  • Establishment license reinspection fee: $100 (new fee)
  • Out-of-state owner establishment inspection fee: $500 (new fee)
  • Massage therapy school initial fee: $250 (currently $50)
  • Massage therapy school renewal fee: $250 (currently $10)
  • Massage therapy instructor initial and renewal fee: $50 (currently $10)
  • License verification fee: $25 (currently $15)
  • Duplicate license fee: $25 (currently $10)
  • License roster fee: $50 (currently $30)
  • Background check fee: Paid by applicant/licensee

Establishment licensure (page 3 in linked document)
Professional liability insurance coverage is already required for establishment licenses. The rules clarify that coverage would need to be at least $1 million. Sole practitioners who have an establishment license would meet this requirement, as their membership with ABMP includes professional liability insurance with limits in excess of this amount.

The proposed rules also suggest amending the inspection processes. Establishments that fail inspections must correct violations detailed in the inspection report and would be reinspected within 30 days. A reinspection fee would be due and payable to the Board.

Any establishment owned by an individual, company, or corporation outside of Alabama would be subject to an inspection prior to opening a business within the state. A reinspection fee would be due and payable to the Board.

Share your thoughts
If you would like to submit written comments to the Board in support of, or in opposition to, the proposed rules, send your comments to before August 4, 2022. You can use ABMP’s advocacy template as a guide to help write your commentary.

Comment deadline: August 4, 2022.