December Update: New Economic Relief Efforts Passed by US Government

One hundred dollar bill with a surgical mask over Benjamin Franklin's face

On December 21 the United States Congress passed an omnibus bill providing funding for most government agencies. Included in the bipartisan legislation was $900 billion of emergency economic relief to address further damage caused by impacts of COVID-19. It is expected that President Trump will sign the bill soon.

COVID-Related Coagulopathy, Take 3: A Conversation with a Hematologist

Illustration of red blood cells clotting together inside the human body

Pathology educator and author Ruth Werner recently had a conversation with Yaser Diab, MD, a hematologist working at Children’s National Hospital in Washington, DC, about abnormal coagulation associated with COVID-19 and how massage therapy might fit in the context of COVID-19 survivors and coagulopathy. Read the notes from their conversation here.


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