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The best MBLEx test prep in massage and bodywork!

You've invested a lot to start your massage and bodywork career. Trust your studying to ABMP Exam Coach—the most advanced, easiest-to-use online MBLEx test prep—produced by the education experts at ABMP.

“Tuesday, I passed my MBLEx exam with flying colors! I felt so confident going into the test, so sure that I would pass—I attribute that to the many hours of active studying that I did with Exam Coach. It was so easy to study because I always have an electronic device on me—it was the most convenient and effective way to study.”

Introducing ABMP Exam Coach Plus!

Our best-ever package for students includes:

  • ABMP Exam Coach (Mblex test-prep)
  • ABMP Five-Minute Muscles (muscle-review web-app)
  • ABMP Student Life
  • ABMP Graduate Access
  • Your first year of ABMP Certified Membership

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ABMP Five-Minute Muscles is the easiest way to learn the muscles, and features actions, origins, insertions and helpful palpation and technique videos.  Learn more about ABMP Five-Minute Muscles


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What is ABMP Exam Coach?

ABMP Exam Coach is an online test prep program designed to help massage and bodywork students prepare for the MBLEx licensing exam. Featuring unlimited quizzes, four simulated MBLEx practice tests, flash cards, audio pronunciation guides, and more, it's the best test prep in massage and bodywork!

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  • Fit your lifestyle. You can use ABMP Exam Coach on any device with an Internet connection. Study for the MBLEx wherever you have a computer, phone, or tablet.
  • Know what to study. ABMP Exam Coach has flashcards, quizzes, and word definitions (with audio pronunciation!) for 10 subjects, including Anatomy & Physiology, Kinesiology, Client Assessment, and Pathology, making it a comprehensive MBLEx study guide.
  • Beat exam anxiety. Take up to four timed MBLEx practice tests that simulate the question weighting, and get results that show where you need improvement.
  • Prepare for your career. Purchase a 6-month subscription to ABMP Exam Coach for $75, and when you graduate you'll also get special pricing of only $75 on your first year of ABMP Professional membership. (For new professionals only.)

The only thing standing between you and the career of your dreams is the MBLEx. Don't trust your grade to anyone else—pass it with ABMP Exam Coach.

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“Our MBLEx pass rates went from 70% to 87%, and I'm attributing it to ABMP Exam Coach.”
—Harmony, Healing Hands School of Holistic Health, California
“We recently purchased ABMP Exam Coach for a student who we felt was having some difficulty with the education material and held weekly study sessions with her using the program. The use of the 10-question quizzes has substantially improved our student's test-taking confidence and ability. Additionally, exposure to the four full-length practice exams allowed the student's test-taking skills and knowledge to be joined in a wonderful and challenging environment, truly helping prepare the student for the anxiety of the test. We have determined to make ABMP Exam Coach a standard part of our student curriculum from this point forward.”
—Brenda, AR Therapeutic Massage Institute & Spa, Arkansas

School administrators and instructors, call 800-458-2267 or email education@abmp.com to set up a private demo with your ABMP membership liaison.

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